Washington |  The count of presidential elections in America begins. This time , people voted aggressively in the elections.

There is a close battle between the Republican nominee Donald Trump and his Democratic opponent Joe Biden.

Additionally, in view of the suspicion of violence over the consequences, security arrangements have been made.

In important commercial areas and markets, including the White House, security has been strengthened.

In the early hours of Wednesday (US time), President Donald Trump unfairly declared victory over Democratic rival Joe Biden with millions of votes still uncounted in a competitive White House race that will not be decided until a majority of states complete voting-counting over the next hours or days.

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Polls have closed and voting around the country has ended, but election laws mandate all votes to be counted in US states, and many states regularly take days to finish counting valid ballots.

Donald Trump has secured the Florida, Ohio and Texas zones, whereas Joe Biden is assured of capturing significant Rust Belt states, including Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

Joe Biden, 77, approached the election day with several pathways to victory, while Donald Trump, 74,has a narrower but still feasible route to the 270 votes cast by the Electoral College.

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Joe Biden or Donald Trump, who is leading in which state:

Arizona: Biden

Wisconsin: Biden

Maine: Biden

Nevada: Biden

Pennsylvania: Trump

Georgia: Trump

North Carolina: Trump

Michigan: Trump

Alaska: Trump

Note: Arizona has been called by AP for Biden, notching his tally up to 238.