Joe Biden

Via a method called the electoral college,the winner of the election is decided.

A number of electoral college votes are given to each of the 50 states including Washington DC, adding up to a total of 538 votes.

More populated states earn more than smaller electoral college votes. To win the presidency, a nominee needs to 270 electoral college votes (50 percent plus one).

As per the AP count and CNN Projection, Democratic Party leader and former Vice President Joe Biden replaced Republican party’s candidate and current President Donald Trump as the 46th President of the United States.

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Democrat Joe Biden is positioning himself to lead a country gripped by a historical pandemic and a confluence of economic and social chaos.

After more than three days of suspense, Biden’s win came as election officials worked through a flood of mail-in votes that delayed the processing of some ballots.

The 20 votes cast in Pennsylvania gave Biden more than 270 votes wanted to secure. Joe Biden won 270 votes in the Electoral College with a victory in Pennsylvania.

California Senator Kamala Harris is the nation’s first Black and South Asian Vice President, and the first female president that office.

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After elected as 46th President of the United States, Joe Biden Tweeted

Former secretary of state Hillary Clinton reacts: “It’s a repudiation of Trump, and a new page for America” and Tweeted on US Election Results