Biden appoints Sameera Fazili (born in Kashmir) to the National Economic Council
Biden appoints Sameera Fazili (born in Kashmir) to the National Economic Council

Sameera Fazili, who traces the origins of her family to Kashmir, is one of the newest American Indian nominees to be named to the U.S. The A-team for President Joe Biden. As the Deputy Director of the National Economic Council, Fazili has been appointed.

Fazili’s profile made it to the White House Senior Staff landing page on the Biden transition website days before the new administration took over. She joins more than a dozen Indian Americans in the incoming administration nominated or appointed to senior management positions.

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Before joining the Biden team, Biden’s transition team put out a thick paragraph earlier this week introducing Fazili and her professional work. Fazili worked at the Atlanta Federal Reserve Bank, where she served as the Director of Community and Economic Development Engagement.Fazili served in the Obama-Biden Administration as a senior policy advisor to the National Economic Council of the White House and as a senior advisor to both domestic finance and international affairs at the US Treasury Department. She was a clinical lecturer in law at Yale Law School before that.

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She’s originally from Buffalo and now lives with her husband and three children in Georgia. Fazili is a Yale Law School and Harvard College graduate. The daughter of a Kashmir-born couple of doctors, Muhammad Yusuf Fazili and Rafiqa Fazili, originally from the Gojwara region, is Sameera Fazili.