Hundreds of backers of President Donald Trump stormed the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday, in a dramatic attempt to reverse his electoral defeat. But after hours of confusion in which the police struggled to reclaim power, the legislature returned to Congress to begin certifying the win of the Democratic President-elect Joe Biden.

Donald Trump’s supporters stormed the Congress session, which was organized to certify Joe Biden’s election victory with world leaders following developments in Washington, DC, with “concern.”

Hours after Donald trumps unprecedented rally challenging his defeat, flag-waving supporters tore down barricades outside of the Capitol and swarmed inside, with a special session heading into an emergency recess as demonstrators entered the chambers.
Trump’s desperate last-minute effort to reverse his electoral defeat triggered confusion and allegations of a “coup” attempt, with many countries calling on Trump’s followers to show calm and restraint.

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In the most significant attack on the icon of American democracy in more than 200 years, violent protesters forced their way through metal security barricades, smashed windows and scaled walls to battle their way to the Capitol, where they strolled through the halls and scuffled with police officers.

Police said four people died- three from medical emergencies and one from bullet wounds -in chaos.

Many nations, including Australia, the United Kingdom, and Canada, are calling for a calm and peaceful power transfer.

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