Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan passed legislation on chemical castration of rapist .

The decision was taken during a Cabinet meeting where a draft of the anti-rape ordinance was submitted by the Law Ministry.

As per Geo TV, Draft includes expanding the role of women in policing, fast-tracking rape investigations and witness protection.

Stressing that this was a serious issue, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that no delay would be accepted “For our citizens, we need to ensure a safe environment.”

The PM said the law, with strict implementation, would be simple and straightforward.

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He said survivors of rape should file complaints without fear, adding that their privacy will be protected by the government.

Sources said that some federal ministers have suggested that the rape criminals be hanged publicly. But Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan said castration will be the beginning.

In practice, strict extreme punishment for rape convicts has been accepted by the federal cabinet.

A debate about the severity of punishment to deter sexual assaults was ignited by the rape and murder of a seven-year-old girl in Lahore in January 2018 and more recently, the motorway gang rape in Lahore.

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Recently speaking at the Parliament’s joint sitting, Mr Khan said the government would soon implement three-tier laws, including registration of sex criminals, exceptional penalties for rape and child violence, and successful policing.